What is a Prophets Stylefree! Workshop?

Creative, playful, inspiring & fun!

Prophets Workshop at Artlplay 2013

Prophets Workshop at Artlplay 2013

Participatory, hands-on inter-disciplinary workshops that combine music, art, design and performance through activities such as mask-making, instrument building and music-making



PARTICIPATORY – Prophets establish an environment for Stylefree!Play that is creative, supportive, encouraging, un-inhibiting, non-competitive, and non-judgmental. Sometimes people can find performance an intimidating activity. Prophets believe that everyone has the ability to play music. Through establishing a relaxed and fun environment for music making, kids feel free to explore their own creativity within a group context.

IDENTITY – Each person is in control of developing their own imagined identity through mask making and coming up with a unique name for their character.

COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY – Prophets believe that through collective processes, we can create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Participants share a space where people can express themselves in a community of peers.


LEARNING – Whilst having a great time, kids learn valuable skills in:

– Collective music-making & improvisation – focusing on percussion & wind instruments

– Sessions in Melody, Rhythm, Groove, Composition, Improvisation and creative approaches to music

– Design & construction through mask making and instrument building.

– Developing capacity for lateral, innovative modes of thinking, ‘outside the square’

– Group work, communication, reflection and analysis


Chance to reflect: watching a video of the workshop performance

Prophets consist of Australia’s most creative musicians, instrument designers, installation artists, and community arts workers. All of the Prophets have extensive educational experience, including having worked in mainstream primary and secondary schools, with students of culturally & linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) including refugees and asylum seekers, as well as children with health and mental issues.

They have conducted workshops at Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital, The Song Room, Footscray Community Arts Centre, The NOW NOW Festival, Martyrs High School in Papua New Guinea, Sydney Children’s Choir, The Queensland University of Technology, and in outback NSW as part of a Sound Circus.