Prophets – Ah!Puch!, Bird Brain, Groovy G, Heaps Mad, Shazzam, Ctrl+Alt+Man & Dada Boom Boom, Vee-za-Vee, Oh!Noh!Yohkoh!, O.D.D.N.O.B, Frooty Toots – are collective based in Melbourne and Sydney. The spectacularly masked band have been sharing their musical visions since 2007.  Prophets are known for their unique approach to collective music-making, Stylefree grooves and polyphonic sounds with multiple saxophones, drums, percussion, and self-made instruments. They are due to release their new album ‘Prophets Vol.4’ in April 2016. 

‘Beings in vibrant masks known for their focus on polyphonic saxophone improvisations & polyrhythmic percussion that knocks hard.’ (Jazzgroove Australia)

‘…Its  a wonderful way to enjoy music, with all the visual splendor and the meandering dancing sax with the noise noise noise of all that is dragged into the room with them…grab the kids if you are lucky enough to get a chance to see them….If you can’t take kids – get to see them anyway.’ (Reviewer, Lisa Thatcher)


contact – prophets@ahpuchrecords.com.au

Hi Ctrl+Alt+Man

contact – prophets@ahpuchrecords.com.au


3 Responses to About

  1. Emma says:

    you lot rock
    Send me any gigs you are doing so I know what ewes are up to !

  2. yeah thanks for playing yesterday. these are the maddest backgrounds.

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