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Prophets are a collective from the Stylefree Planet with outposts in Melbourne and Sydney. There are more than 15 spectacularly masks members including Ctrl+Alt+Man, Ah!Puch!, BirdBrain, Groovy G, HeapsMad, Shazzam, Vee-za-Vee, O.D.D.N.O.B, and SpaghettiHead. We have been sharing our Stylefree art and culture since 2007 and we’re universally renowned for our spirited music made with multiple saxophones, percussion, and original instruments. You’re welcome to a listen to our sounds and watch some videos.

Our exciting news is that we’re currently working towards a pilot episode of Stylefree TV – an adventurous series for kids.

Stay tuned via our insta and fb

contact – prophets@ahpuchrecords.com.au

LA2016_Polyphonic Social- MayDay...(Keelan O'Hehir) -34